Oli.O, situated in Mountain Brook Village in Birmingham, Alabama, is a family owned and operated retail store specializing in the selling of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars imported fresh from around the world. Oli.O (short for olive and oil) was a novel concept for the city of Birmingham. A fondness for high quality olive oil, healthy eating, entertaining, and memories fellowshipping around the table with family and friends lead to the opening of Oli.O in late November of 2013.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are imported from both hemispheres. The reason for doing so is to provide our customers with the freshest product available. The question to ask in regards to purchasing olive oil is not “when is the expiration date?” but, rather, “what was the crush date?” At Oli.O, we can give you that information! Our oils are coming from Spain, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, and California. Additionally, we offer Aged Balsamic Vinegar’s from Modena, Italy. Whether it is a Fused/Infused Oil, Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White or Dark Balsamic you’re looking for, we can meet your needs.

Oli.O operates as a tasting shop. We invite you to come taste for yourself in hopes that you too will develop a passion for the finest EVOO’s and Balsamic Vinegar’s available!