oils and balsamic

  Oils and Balsamics have been around for centuries. Early civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Indians used aromatic and medicinal oils from various plants to heal injuries, lubricate the skin, repel insects and to be able to flavor food. Even though ancient societies were primarily interested in using oils and vinegars for […]


Balsamics and Olives are some of the world’s most commonly used culinary herbs, for their aromatic, delectable flavor and medicinal values. In fact, in Greece, they are called Side dishes or Psillikis, while Egyptians called them Khadduri and the Persians used them as preservatives to preserve food. The popularity of Balsamics in the Mediterranean area […]




Oils and Balsamics For Preventing Acne

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It seems there is a new fad every year for oils and balsamics. We see them in magazines, cookbooks, even on infomercials. But, do they really work? Do they have any benefits at all to our health? Here’s a look at the history of these two ingredients. When we think of balsamic we typically picture […]


Balsamics are vinegars made from an aromatic mixture of different herbs, spices and fruits. They are the most common flavorings for snacks and drinks. There are many types of balsamic vinegar including: traditional balsamic, sweet and sour, white balsamic, and more. You can also find them in other food categories like ice cream, marmalade and […]


It really depends on your personal preference, but one of my favorites is called Balsam of Peru. I grew up eating balsam fir as a child, and it was a natural and delicious scent that never bothered me. However, my taste buds have changed, and I now prefer to use sunflower oil when cooking. While […]