Who Makes The Best Olive Oil and Balsamics?

October 20, 2021 , oils and balsamic


Oils and Balsamics have been around for centuries. Early civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Indians used aromatic and medicinal oils from various plants to heal injuries, lubricate the skin, repel insects and to be able to flavor food. Even though ancient societies were primarily interested in using oils and vinegars for flavor they did experiment with using essential oils and even created their own type of soap. It was the European renaissance that began the use of these products for aromatherapy.

Most of the essential oils and balsamics we use today have been around for many centuries. The real high quality extra virgin olive oils are harvested in Greece and Italy. These olive oils are the highest quality extra virgin olive oils that come directly from the fields of Greece and Italy. Some of the highest quality and most pure flavors of the natural ingredients that are used to create soaps, bath products, shampoos, hair care products and lotions are extracted right from Italy and Greece.

The gourmet natural ingredients that are distilled from these premium quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamics come directly from the olive groves of Greece and Italy. Italy’s Liguria province is renowned for its many herbal and grape seed based specialty crops. Italian vinegars have a unique flavor unmatched by any other grape variety in the world. Many Italian specialty producers will not roast their grape vines until they are nearly ripe, thus maximizing the full bodied flavor of their oils and vinegars. Many people say that an Italian Vinegar is the highest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamics available anywhere.